Chapin Intellectual Property Law, LLC is a mid-sized cost-effective Patent, Trademark and Intelletual Property law firm staffed ONLY with senior-level highly experienced Patent Attorneys. Unlike most IP firms, we have NO entry levels, NO Technology Specialists, NO Junior Associates, and NO Mid-level Associates in the firm. Our Patent Attorneys have an average of 17 years each of quality patent practice experience. We each worked for many years in the Patent and IP practice groups at some of the largest and most respected Patent/IP law firms in the country such as Fish & Richardson, Finnegan Henderson, Sughrue Mion, Wolf Greeenfield, Fenwick & West, Nutter McClennen & Fish, and others. We are ALL senior-level Patent Attorneys who each consistently and efficiently produce top-quality technically accurate patent work in a responsive and very cost-effective manner. On average, our costs are 20-30% below those of the large firms and we do not push the work down to juniors (because we have none).

Prior to our careers in Patent and IP Law, we each worked for years in technical engineering positions in industry in fields such as software or electrical engineering, semiconductor design and fabrication, mechanical engineering, medical device development, or other technical fields. And in addtion to our law degrees, we each hold one or more Bachelors, Masters and/or Doctorate degrees in technical fields such as Computer Science, Telecommunications, Networking/Communications, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or other technical fields.

In typical IP law firms, a Senior Attorney or Partner with an inflated billable hourly rate delegates work such as preparing a patent application or drafting a patent or trademark office action response to a less experienced Junior Associates who is often still learning the ins and outs of patent or IP practice. The Senior Attorney who delegates this work is often too busy to adequtely train and enforce quality control and thus the final work product that gets filed is never as good in terms of quality as if a well trained senior attorney prepared the work themselves. This very common push-down/review/revise work cycle freequently compromises quality, creates longer prosecution times (requiring more office action responses and RCEs to gain allowance), and significantly increases overall client costs and pendancy times. We avoid these problems all together by only having highly experienced attorneys on staff.


How can you compare the quality of different law firms? We recently found out by utilizing sophisticated third-party issued patent data analysis software to statistically analyze, compare and rank years of electronically accessible issued patent file history data between different patent law firms and patent owners/assignees. This software can collect and compare certain key issued patent data metrics indicating patent quality, performance and cost-effectiveness. Going back as far as 1999 when our firm was founded, our patents consistently rank at or near the top for patent quality, performance/timeliness and cost effectiveness metrics across our client base as compared to many other firms. In particular, our allowance rate is often at or near 100%, our average time to allowance/issuance (measured in months) is frequently below the average, and we often have a lower overall average number of office actions/RCEs responses required to gain allowance. This software also indicates that our claim quality consistently ranks very high (as measured by changes made to claims from the time of filing to the time of issuance) and we have a very high overall average cost-effectiveness resulting in substantial savings to client patent/IP budgets. On average, we are 20-30% lower in cost than large firms while our quality and performance/timeliness are well above average.

In summary, hiring Chapin IP Law is like hiring only the well-trained partners at a large prestigious national patent law firm, but at billing rates that peak at $350/hour. We provide up-front not-to-exceed cost quotes and we have no overhead charges or hidden fees. This experience / quality / cost value proposition is the basis for our business model and has resulted in our success and that of our clients.

The firm's Managing Member and Founder, Barry Chapin, was recognized as one of a select group of leaders in the Massachusetts business community who are outstanding in their fields when he was he was awarded the prestigious "40 Under Forty" award by a popular Business Journal.

Chapin IP Law provides patent, trademark and other IP legal sevices to clients ranging from numerous Fortune 500 technology corporations, many mid-sized companies, hundreds of startups, venture capital and investment firms, major universities, hospitals, non-profits, and even independent inventors in all areas of technology. We have excellent references available from existing clients large and small as to our quality, performance and substantial cost savings.

If you are currently considering engagement of an IP/Patent law firm and you are considering switching firms and are interested in a cost-effective firm that provides top-quality work usign only senior-level experienced attorneys, we encourage you to contact us for a no-charge consultation to discuss how we can help your organization control patent and IP legal costs while still obtaining top quality work in a responsive and technically proficient manner. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your organization's Patent or other Intellectual Property requirements via email at or you may call us direct at 508-662-9600.


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